Admission Requirements for Higher Education in Cyprus

Admission procedure in Cyprus higher education is simple and easy. Students must apply directly to the higher education institution of their choice. Read on to know in detail about the general and specific admission requirements and procedure for higher education institutions in Cyprus: 

General Admission Requirements

For Undergraduate Studies

Students must hold a secondary school leaving certificate for admittance into the bachelor degree programme in Cyprus higher education institutions.

For Master Studies

Students must hold an appropriate undergraduate degree for admittance into the master degree programme.

For PhD/Doctorate Studies

Students must hold a relevant master’s degree for admission into the PhD programme.


Students are required to pass the Pancyprian Examinations in order to gain admittance into the higher education first cycle programme (undergraduate).

Entrance Examinations- Pancyprian Examinations

The Department of Higher and Tertiary Education (DHTE) examinations service organises and conducts the Pancyprian examinations. This exam is held in late May to early June. 

The Pancyprian exam is the award of the school leaving certificate- Apolytirion to pupils who have completed secondary education, and is also required in order to gain admittance into the public higher education institutions of Cyprus.


Following students are required to undertake the Pancyprian examinations:
  • Cypriot nationals or people whose parent is of a Cypriot origin. Also, such students must have completed their Lyceum cycle of secondary education.
  • European nationals or third country nationals who are in the last year of secondary schooling or are graduates of a secondary education school.

Application Process

To apply for the Pancyprian examinations, fill and submit an electronic form at the recognised application centres. Application for the examinations can also be taken from the Service exam-MOEC website (, education fairs, public schools of secondary education or the local district offices of education. 

To know more about the Pancyprian exam see official webpage

Application Procedure for Higher Education Institutions

Prospective students are required to fill an electronic application form of the respective higher education institution of Cyprus. Students can also download the application form from the respective higher education institution. Along with the form, supporting documents must be submitted. 

Supporting Documentation

  • Educational transcripts: High school grades and certificates, and subjects studied.
  • Language Requirements- Students are required to demonstrate their level of command in English or Greek depending on the language of the study programme.
  • Certificate of knowledge of Greek language (if applicable)
  • Birth certificate
  • University transcripts (for master’s & PhD studies)
  • A copy of passport and 2 passport sized photographs (for international students)
  • Medical examination report: International students are required to submit a medical examination report to the respective higher education institution. Students must undergo medical tests- TB, X-Ray, and Hepatitis B etc.
  • Tuition fee payment receipt
  • Acceptance letter: A final letter of acceptance issued after the fee payment by the higher education institution is required.
  • School or college leaving certificate
  • Letter of recommendation: Two or more signed recommendation letters
  • Evidence of financial stability
  • Curriculum vitae: It must include your name, contact details, educational details, professional experience (if any), academic and research honors and awards, publications (if any), extracurricular activities, and references. List your strong personality traits and skills. 
  • Brief statement: A brief statement of 2 pages of the pupils’ research goals and interests.
  • Preliminary research proposal: A research proposal for doctorate/PhD studies. 
  • Master’s thesis (for PhD programme)

International Students 

International students are accepted into the higher education institutions of Cyprus if they have completed secondary education recognised by the relevant educational authority of their country and have a good knowledge of Greek or Turkish language (depending on the language of instruction of the programme). These students are accepted on the basis of GCE/GCSE or other equivalent examinations.

Selection Ways and Means

Student’s application and documentation is scrutinized and if he/she is found eligible for admittance into the study programme, a conditional offer letter is issued. Students who receive the offer letter are required to pay the required tuition fee to the relevant higher education institution/university.

Students who pay the tuition fees are issued a final acceptance letter which would enable them to get a visa from the nearest Cyprus embassy.

Admission criteria vary depending on specific higher education institution requirements. Contact the respective higher education institution to know more about the application procedure.
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