Grading System, Academic Year and Language of Instruction

Grading System

In Cyprus, a Greek-Cypriot and Turkish-Cypriot grading scales are used by the educational institutions in order to grade the performance of the students.

Greek-Cypriot Grading Scale

A 20-point grading scale is used. 

 Scale 1 Scale 2 Grade Description Equivalent US grade 
 19.00-20.00 95.00-100.00 Excellent A
 16.00-18.99 80.00-94.99 Very Good B
 13.00-15.99 65.00-79.99 Average C
 10.00-12.99 50.00-64.99 Below Average D
 0.00-9.99 0.00-49.99 Fail F

Turkish-Cypriot Grading Scale

A 10-point grading scale is used. 

 Scale Grade descriptionUS grade 
 9.00-10.00 Very Good A
 7.00-8.99 Good B
 5.00-6.99 Average C
 0.00-4.99 Weak F

Academic Year

School Year

The school year in Cyprus commences in September and concludes in June. Exams are held in June. 
The school year is divided into three terms: 
  • Term 1: Runs from September to December
  • Term 2: Runs from December to March 
  • Term 3: Runs from March to May
Holidays: There is a 2-week break during Christmas and Easter. 

School Holidays

  • 1 October-Cyprus Independence Day  
  • 28 October-Ochi Day
  • 24 December to 6 January-Christmas Holidays
  • 30 January -Three Holy Hierarchs
  • Green Monday  
  • Easter Break
  • 25 March-Greek Independence Day
  • 1 April-Greek Cypriot National Day
  • 1 May-Labour Day/May Day
  • Ascension
  • Holy Spirit
Summer vacations begin in the month of June and ends in September. 

University Academic Year

The higher education academic year starts on 1 September and concludes on 31 August.

At the University of Cyprus and the public higher education institutions, the academic year runs from September to May and is split up into two semesters.

At the private higher education institutions, the academic year runs from October to June and is split up into two semesters. Summer courses are also provided by some of the private higher education institutions. 

Language of Instruction

The languages of instruction in Cyprus are Turkish and Greek. International students are required to demonstrate their proficiency in either of these official languages. Also, many study programmes are offered in English. There are many departments where the language of instruction is English.  

The language of instruction at the private universities and public institutions of higher education is English. Students are required to demonstrate their level of command in English language. Some of the higher education institutions offer courses in Greek language, and in this case, students are required to demonstrate their level of command in Greek.
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