Why Study Abroad in Cyprus

Cyprus is a country on the Mediterranean Sea. It is located at the intersection of the Africa, Europe and Asia. Cyprus has beautiful climate and exotic sea beaches. Cyprus is a mix of modern and traditional. The country has western and modern cities as well as it has traditional villages. 

Reasons to Study Abroad in Cyprus

Every year, many international students come to Cyprus to study. Cyprus is known for its quality and affordable education and safe and welcoming environment. Studying in Cyprus enhances the educational experience of the pupils.

Following are the reasons to study abroad in the Republic of Cyprus:

Quality Education

Cyprus provides education of top quality standards.  The higher education institutions in Cyprus provide adequate knowledge and skills required to work in the contemporary global job market. The higher education institutions in Cyprus offer a wide range of courses at the undergraduate as well as postgraduate levels. Study programmes in both English and Greek are offered. The qualifications obtained from Cyprus higher education institutions are recognised and accepted worldwide.

Multicultural Environment

Cyprus has a rich cultural history. The Cyprus culture is split up into different and unique cultures of Turkish and Greek Cypriots. This cultural diversity attracts students from all over the world. 

Safe, Welcoming and Friendly Environment

Cyprus is a welcoming, safe and peaceful country for students. The people out there are friendly and helpful. The country does not have any kind of political or communal trouble. 

Enrich your Language Skills

While studying in Cyprus, you get the opportunity to study and learn a foreign language, thus enhancing your language skills. This skill will give a boost to your CV.

Affordable Study and Living Costs

Cyprus is an affordable study destination. The cost of study and living in Cyprus is low. accommodation and transport costs are also reasonable in Cyprus. 

Many Scholarships

The Government, higher education institutions and organisations in Cyprus offer many scholarships to Cypriot and international students who wish to study in Cyprus. The Cyprus State Scholarship Foundation offers scholarships to local as well as international students for undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Cyprus. 
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