1 Educational Accreditation and Quality Assurance in Cyprus

Educational Accreditation and Quality Assurance in Cyprus

The DHTE (Department of Higher and Tertiary Education) of the Education the Ministry and Culture (MOEC) of Cyprus emphasize on the quality assurance in higher education sector. The Cypriot government has established an agency for quality assurance- “Cyprus Agency of Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Education (CYAQAAE)”.

Cyprus Agency of Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Education (CYAQAAE)

The CYAQAAE is a competent agency to assure the quality of higher education provided in Cyprus. This authority carries out the internal as well as the external quality assurance mechanisms in the higher education institutions in Cyprus. Matters related to accreditation and evaluation of the public and also private higher education institutions and universities are handled by this agency.

Contact details:
Department of Higher and Tertiary Education, Ministry of Education and Culture
Kimonos and Thoukidides Corner
1434 Lefkosia 

Tel: 357 22 80 06 16
Fax: 357 22 42 75 60
Website: http://www.highereducation.ac.cy 

Other Competent Authorities

Council for Educational Evaluation-Accreditation (CEEA/SEKAP or Symvoulio Ekpedeftikis Axiologisis Pistopiisis)

The evaluation and accreditation of the study programmes provided by private institutes of tertiary education is carried out by SEKAP. The SEKAP is an authority that is independent and is decided by the Council of Ministers. 

Contact details: 
Athalassas Avenue
2023 Lefkosia 

Tel: 357-22465850
Fax: 357-22305513
Email: sekap@cytanet.com.cy
Website: http://www.moec.gov.cy/sekap/

Cyprus Council for the Recognition of Degrees (KYSATS or Kypriako Symvoulio Anagnorisis Titlon Spoudon)

The academic recognition for higher education in Cyprus is done by the Cyprus Council for the Recognition of Degrees. The Council recognizes the undergraduate, postgraduate and joint degrees. The council gives information on the higher education system of the Republic of Cyprus abroad and also the degrees awarded by the tertiary education institutions in Cyprus and in foreign countries.

Contact details:
Cyprus Council for the Recognition of Studies (KYSATS)
50 Athalassas Avenue
2023 Strovolos
P.O. Βox 12758
2252 Nicosia

Τel: 35722465850
Fax: 35722210771
Email: info@kysats.ac.cy
Website: www.kysats.ac.cy

Evaluation Committee of Private Universities (ECPU)

The ECPU is the competent body that is responsible for examining the application for the foundation and running of private universities in Cyprus. This committee comprises of 7 members and is chaired by the chairperson of the CEEA/SEKAP.

Contact details:
50 Athalassas Avenue
2023, Lefkosia 

Tel: 357 22 465853 
Fax: 357 22 561400
E-mail: administration@ecpu.ac.cy
Website: www.ecpu.ac.cy

Ministry of Education and Culture (MOEC)

The MOEC administers the education system in Cyprus. The Ministry is responsible for pre-primary, primary, secondary and tertiary education in Cyprus. It frames and evaluates educational policies and plans.

Contact details:
Education Ministry and Culture (MOEC)
Corner of Kimonos and Thucydides 
1434 Nicosia Acropolis
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